“The financial cost of having an unhealthy organization is undeniable: wasted resources and time, decreased productivity, increased employee turnover, and customer attrition. The money an organization loses as a result of these problems, and the money it has to spend to recover from them, is staggering.”- Patrick Lencioni, The Advantage

Birkman Certified Consultant

Buddy Rathmell has been Birkman Certified Consultant since 2011 and has administered the Birkman over 300 times for individuals, teams, businesses and high school and college students trying to figure out what to do with their lives.

The Birkman is considered by many to be the most sophisticated tool available for helping to uncover calling and destiny markers as well as revealing how what you need is different than what others may think and even different than you may be aware of.  The Birkman Method is a great tool for bringing greater self-awareness which is one key that all great leaders have.

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Below are some testimonies of others that have found the Birkman life changing and I think you will as well.




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Buddy and his wife, Dr. Jen Rathmell, also use the Birkman in coordination with the Enneagram to help couples understand one another and work towards a great marriage where each person is flourishing.